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"Thank you for visiting my website, a place where youíll get a glimpse into my passions and dreams. Enjoy!"

-Kelly Kula

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Kelly Kula

Kelly Kula is an American actress currently working in Los Angeles, California.

Kelly hails from rural Williamsburg, MI, nearly 2,500 miles away from the city she now calls home. She spent her childhood traipsing on 35 acres of land, playing make believe with her sisters and blossoming her creativity and desire to perform. During her teenage years, she was active in two seemingly polar activities: basketball and theatre. She thrived in both, winning a District Championship title in basketball while leading the Thespian Society as President, winning a school Oscar for her work in the play "Murder on Center Stage." Her basketball teammates nicknamed her "Mother Goose" due to her nurturing persona and ability to lead. She was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by her senior class and travelled as Miss Elk Rapids to promote her hometown.

Determined and driven, Kelly only built momentum after high school, attending Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, where she graduated Suma Cum Laude with a BA in Theatre Performance and an English minor. The most memorable year of her college career was when she reigned as the National Cherry Queen, travelling across the nation as the official representative for the cherry industry. It was during this year that she visited California for the first time as a guest of the Rose Bowl. Standing on the balcony of the Burbank Ramada Inn, one word popped into her mind: home.

After running for Miss Michigan USA in the fall of 2004, Kelly packed up her car and drove out to California, her mother in a packed station wagon following behind. Her mother flew home shortly after, and Kelly moved in with the one person she knew, eating hot dogs and beans almost every night on a purple Tupperware bin. Immediately, she immersed herself in her career, training with the best coaches in the industry in everything from scene study to improv, from stage combat to martial arts. She fondly recollects her first paying gig, playing a Spartan warrior in the History Channelís "The Last Stand of the 300". With helmet, shield, and spear, she and her team choreographed and performed all the fight sequences; bruised, bleeding, and exhausted, she couldnít imagine being anywhere else. She currently trains in Iaido (Japanese sword) with 6th Dan Black Belt Sensei Stephi Varjan and is actively studying to obtain her personal training certification through NASM and CrossFit.

Kelly warrants her success to her loving, supportive family and her unshakable positive attitude. She truly feels blessed to be in California, able to pursue her passions and live her dream.

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